Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Dhoni in midlife crisis???

It is not a shock Dhoni’s men lost twice in a row against Trinidad & Tobago and New South Wales. Honestly, I’m pleasantly surprised when Dhoni & Co beat Cape Cobras in their second game. Thought for a moment, maybe that win will do the trick and turn around his ill fate. But the damage done by the earlier row of defeats is beyond repair by the one off win. (See if you can read the posts Home or Abroad Victory stays away from Captain Cool & Bhajji dropped in that order)

For a while, I’ve been calling it as Dhoni’s team rather Team India or Chennai Super Kings. I’ve a reason to say so. Please, don’t misinterpret that I’m anti-Dhoni at any point. I love him so much than anyone else. He is a natural leader and he should be leading the sides he is playing anyways. At the same time, one should realize the truth beneath the popular saying; a captain is as good as the Team. And if the Captain is plagued by defeats, there is very little a team could do to avoid it. Even the best of strategies are likely to backfire if decisions are influenced by frustrationIt is a simple philosophy too good not to be deciphered by the psychologists consulting the Indian team. 

In my opinion, Frustration is actually a poor choice of word to explain Dhoni’s current state of mind.

Between Oct 30, 2011 and Dec 26, 2011, there is a tiny, but potential window of break for Indian cricket fans and players. There is also a series with West Indies wobbling for acknowledgement. Though BCCI is likely to snub WICB, an opportunity the series seeing light of the day with 1 Test and 3 ODI’s for the benefit of empty stands cannot be ignored. In that case, Dhoni is unlikely to be spared from playing Test match the least. That eliminates any little rest whatsoever and the captain is likely to stay corrupted. With such a perverted mind, the result in favor of visitors in the tour of Australia is chasing Fool’s Gold. And then you are assured a proverbial mind addressing the mid life crisis of Dhoni. Don’t be surprised if there is one already working on the manuscript.

Mind you, all along I’m only advocating that Dhoni should NOT be playing CLT20, ODI’s against England, series against West Indies if any, but relax in caveman islands and wean off cricket from mind and body. This is not only told in the best interest of the super skipper but in the best interest of indian cricket as well.

If playing more cricket helps someone becoming better player, the contra works even good if the personnel is immersed in defeats. If failures are the stepping stone for success to a team building from scratch, then rest is the best remedy for the captain (otherwise a feature of winning ways) on loss riot.

It is time the bosses realize Cricket and Losses are taking huge toll on Captain Cool. The empty stands in CLT20 pretty much epitomize cricket crazy indians are turning into bored from cricket indians.

Bottom Line: Before Love Turns Hatred, give the audience a break. Possibly avoid the midlife crisis for the World Cup Winning Skipper.

Cricket Lover

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