Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Tendulkar cheers Mumbai Indians, shows his back to India!!!

Mr. Sachin: would really appreciate if you are there with the Indian team as well when you are not playing and injured the same way you do with Mumbai Indians. You play for India and an icon to the youngsters. Not just for Mumbai Indians AND MONEY

Recently came across the above message in my friend’s Facebook Wall. Can’t really blame the fan’s anguish for it carried so much truth from his perspective. Isn’t if fair? If Tendulkar could cheer the Mumbai Indians with his presence, can’t he cheer the Indian Team too when not playing?
There are few other things to be taken into account when answering this question. I understand the reasons for Tendulkar fancying the MI dressing room despite not playing. The contract signed with the franchise is not just for playing cricket but to support them in promoting their brand. It is under these clauses Tendulkar is obligated to attend the matches and not exactly because he wanted to be with Mumbai Indians. To be fair, the legend did not get too much time to grieve his father’s death but came back rushing to England so as to save the hopes of billion fans in the ‘99 World Cup. If it were to be for love, Tendulkar would prefer to be present for all Ranji matches played by Mumbai more than Mumbai Indians in T20. I’m not being the Master’s mouth piece but adding my inference based on the facts. It is also for the fringe promotional benefits Vijay Mallya went ambush in picking Kevin Pieterson for Royal Challengers Bangalore in the first auction. This way Mr. Mallya could utilize the services of Kevin Pieterson to endorse Kingfisher Airlines in the United Kingdom. I’m sure the Airlines found a lot of Brit customers after KP featured the ad. So, Tendulkar following Mumbai Indians is more an obligation than preference. I know the explanation won’t convince the outcry of a common cricket fan, but if any, I’m proud of my efforts!!!

Speaking of controversies, I’m truly shocked reading this news. I’m not dazed because Tendulkar’s new home is exempt from fine, but Tendulkar has been living all along in the home given under sports quota. In my opinion, the country’s richest sportsman should have returned the home long ago for the benefit of any other poor sportsman. Wonder why our beloved icons baffle us with strange behaviors? Even the logic of sentiments beats it.

There is also a conspiracy spinning mills over Anil Kumble, currently president of Karnataka Cricket Association, head of National Cricket Academy also co-owns a talent management firm named Tenvic that manages young players including R. Vinay Kumar and S Aravind, both part of the India squad for England ODI Series. In my view, Anil Kumble owns Tenvic in the first place and employed by KSCA and NCA at a later time in the best of State and National interest. As a reasonable cricket follower, it does not occur to me anytime that the selection of Vinay Kumar is influenced by Kumble for RCB/India. Though, Aravind’s call up ahead of Mithun or Unadkat slightly puzzles, however wish to give the benefit of doubt to selectors for I lack their cricketing acumen. At the same time, when a player of Kumble’s caliber, recommend a talent, I won’t take it lightly if I’m to wear the selector’s shoes. Players like Kumble, Dravid, Tendulkar, Srinath had clean careers and would not read too much into personal interests ahead of Indian Cricket. To all those journals, before running such stories, you have to bear in mind that these ex-cricketers are bound to be involved in some business related to cricket for their living post retirement. Time and again if legends are to be mocked on vested interests, it will be challenging for India to recruit able minds to steer the wheel in the department of administration.

Bhajji aur Kapthan… Kabhi Nahi
I had no hesitation in saying the above phrase few weeks ago. I’m forced to eat my words as Bhajji’s Mumbai Indians triumph the CLT20 championship. Unless you are not a captain, you won’t be able to inspire a depleted side to win the title (during the course of journey beating some of the champion clubs too). In my books, he now comes first for the role of deputy to Dhoni ahead of Gambir or Raina. At the same time I could not neglect the fact, Mumbai Indians benefitted by facing RCB in the finals. If you could read this post Losing Captain but a Winning Team, you will know where I’m coming from. Sorry for being a jerk, but curious to see if Bhajji’s Green could win the NKP Salve Challenger Trophy. Once this happens I shall be happy to vouch “Bhajji should be the deputy to Dhoni by all means!!!

It is now confirmed India will be playing 3 Tests and 5 ODI’s with West Indies between November and December. I still back my opinion in the earlier post Dhoni in midlife crisis??? Though it is entirely unacceptable by large mass, Dhoni still should not be playing this series against West Indies in the benefit of large picture.

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