Saturday, September 24, 2011

Home or Abroad, Victory stays away from Captain Cool.

It is one of those matches I was super confident of Dhoni tasting success that's been dodged him for a while. Especially when the opposition camp missed the likes of Sachin Tendulkar, Rohit Sharma and Munaf Patel, on top of it captained by Harbhajan Singh (not a candidate for the role in my books. As a matter of fact there is no one else to skipper Mumbai Indians is a different story. Guess I will leave this a subject for discussion in another article). So when Super Kings posted a sizable total on a slow wicket, I had no doubts in mind, Dhoni will finally have the last laugh. Much to the expectation, Mumbai Indians were limping at 106/7 with Bhajji & Malinga left stranded to score another 50 runs and everything appeared falling in place for the World Cup winning leader. Then, the Final Twist in tale happened. The man famous for toe crushers, this day chose to crush the hearts of home crowd with telling blows from the willow. Any proper batsmen would be proud of those super sixes that left Captain Cool in bay. 

The Captain so often known for snatching victories from the jaws of defeat is now left to taste his own medicine. The critics, who often related his success to Midas Touch & Lady Luck are currently left to chew more for appetite. While his ardent fans must be pacifying themselves for the poster boy going through the low ebb. My take is little different. It is so often continuous string of failures lead one to a state of frustration and no matter how hard one try, success continues to elude. I only wish Dhoni takes a break, ease his mind off the England debacle, start everything clean slate from the tour of Australia. High time he realize this trauma and do the corrective action for the benefit of himself and Indian Cricket. The more he tries to prove, the more he is likely to dig his grave. Wish i'm proved wrong here. 

In the 3 games played so far, two of them already went to the wire and both the occasions, favorites returned empty handed. The quality of the games are far better than what we witnessed in IPL. Disappointingly not much of audience to follow the event. Despite Indian Franchises hold the advantage of playing at home, the guests don't look walk overs. If any of those Indian Clubs have to win this tournament, the passage is not going to be any easy. Despite early stages to do any predictions, I tip Bangalore to make the playoffs.

When half the West Indian players are playing Champions League, what is the West Indies team doing in England? I did knot know yet the fifth string West Indian side is good to take the champs of World Cricket. Sad the board has no control in any matters except keeping Gayle away from the national side.

Bottom Line: Can the Super Kings change the fate of their Super Skipper?

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