Monday, September 12, 2011

Two people stand tall amidst ruins

Another game ruined by weather when India was on top of the proceedings. In the end the match was declared over after both teams agreed to walk back to the pavilion with a satisfied verdict. Sometimes, I wonder if England fights one opposition while India battles two. I meant the Weather and English Team!!! However, I could not hold myself laughing out loud when Dhoni vented for a fair play. After all who wants to lose? Anyways, the series is lost now and the only thing that should keep the audience hooked is the “?”, “Can India avert the Whitewash

From the pattern of events, it looks like India will avoid it. During the Test Series the gap between the two teams kept widening after every match, while the same is getting narrower in the ODI series. Guess, the time has arrived to go back home with the consolation prize. I hope luck for once smile India’s way, so as they don’t field second in the freezing night or attend the rain party on the eve of the final ODI. Honestly, I’m little too tired of building ifs and buts theories to win a game. For once let India beat the opposition fair and square against all odds and bring some cheers to the dressing room and millions of fans home.

On a personal note, I’ve started liking Raina and Dhoni even more off late. Despite playing non-stop cricket for the past 2 - 3 years, despite lacking technique to play the longest format of the game, despite facing huge criticism from former greats and public, these two players haven’t give up and stood tall amidst ruins. Any given day both these cricketers had the choice to hide behind injuries, which they did not, only to risk their careers for a losing cause. In reality, Dhoni might get away considering his record and reputation, but Raina to make a comeback in the Test lineup is an Everest to climb. For all the hard work and sacrifices Raina did, it will be a good gesture to be paid back. I wish he does a stint or two in the English county, get his technique right and make an enduring career in the longest format. Also he has made huge stride in terms of leading a side in Zimbabwe versus leading a side in West Indies recently. A cricketer making such a rapid gaits in all aspect don’t become another Ajay Jadeja to be branded as a cricketer to suit only short formats of the sport.

As a fan I’m tired watching losing games, but it truly requires an iron heart and steely resolve to play the lost boys. Especially at the times of defeats, when fingers start pointing, cunning souls exploit the situation, teams begin to disintegrate; it is a herculean effort to stay together and I’m proud Team India stands united during the horror.

Thankfully 4 days of rest ahead of the final ODI. It won’t be a surprise Varun Aaron would play this game ahead of Praveen Kumar or Munaf Patel in all probability Praveen Kumar. India should have the first glimpse of what this kid could do too.

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