Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Cheetah-E-Jawan Award for Indian Cricketers!!!

Finally the announcement is made. Gautam Gambir will not play the qualifying round of the Champions League in order to recover completely from the concussions bothering him. During his absence Kallis will lead Knight Riders against Auckland and Somerset. From here on, most part of the article is going to be on the sarcastic side. Please don’t be obligated to read any further, if you think I might crush your sentiments on the beloved heroes.

God is always kind to the committed cricketer. No treatment yielded recovery thus far, but in the next ONE WEEK, you will witness a medical miracle much in the lines of a Farah Khan flick to get the champ ready for the Knights quest. Again don’t to be surprised by the marvel, especially when the franchise is owned by the Badshaah of Bollywood. I definitely don’t blame the owner here considering the money invested, so, for God sake every player is available for selection from the proprietor view point.

By the way, any Tom, Dick and Harry know, it is impossible to beat an Indian Team in India. Gambir or not, Knight Riders will make it to the main event ahead of Ruhana, Trinidad & Tobago, Auckland, Leicestershire or Somerset. To make it politically correct, Gambir is rested from playing meaningless T20 games and joins the squad for the big boys bash. Just don’t know when on earth people stop showing such filthy gimmicks. May be the masterminds that framed the plot must have assumed Aam Janta ko Akal he Nahi.

However, in this heavily competitive world, it requires a lot of courage to say NO to the national duty sighting fatigue or injury. After all, once the place is lost there is no guarantee one can win back, especially if you are not a Tendulkar. Except, you still had the balls to say NO to country cricket, but make yourself available to play club cricket, the bravado reach another notch.

Here are the few chosen ones to receive the Cheetah-E-Jawan award for the bravery.
First to set the tone for a hand in the trophy is the Sher-E-Punjab. He showed limited or no ability to justify his place in the side for the past 1 year or so. When the going got tough, the Punjab Puttar found a cynic abdominal strain that was adequate to short his action any further in the England tour. The offie made a safe passage to India, worked his butt hard at National Cricket Academy, got ready in time for the Hoopla, just after the conclusion of the ODI series. With such a sound portfolio, nobody can stop Harbhajan Singh from winning the honor.

The valor of Bhajji must have quickly caught up with the southpaw from Delhi. The combatant is popular for his prowess in India, even more proficient for missing tours outside Asia. This time he played the Test series at England on and off, eventually made a safe channel to India due to concussions and blurred vision. Back in the NCA, he worked out his eye and head hard to recuperate just in time for the crucial phase of Champions league. The achievements of Gautam Gambir are more than sufficient to win him the coveted Cheetah-E-Jawan award.

The honors of the duo have set the ball rolling. Already rumors spinning mills that highly talented Mumbaikar is closely working with the orthopedic surgeons to remove his cracked finger so as he bat for the Mumbai Ambanis without the pain of the limb ever again. If this turns to be true, he is sure to receive Cheetah-E-Jawan prize with the diamond pendant.

Since Virat Kohli, did not play adequate cricket to be deemed unfit on fatigue or injury grounds, he is excluded from the nominations. He is also allowed to play Champions League without the worry of somebody mocking him.

By any means, don’t be staggered, if heavily jaded Raina or Sour Finger Dhoni play the tournament and yours truly proudly root for Super Kings with the Yellow Jerseys.

Already Harsha Bhogle, Sourav Ganguly, Ravi Shastri, Sunil Gavaskar and Sanjay Manjrekar are signed up by Sony group along with glamorous Mandira Bedi to commentate without fatigue or injury fears. CCL is recruited by cricinfo to cover the tournament for Internet viewers, while Fake IPL player has agreed to tweet from inside the camp and the Real IPL Girl is confirmed to cheer the tournament.

Bottom line: When failures can hide behind injuries, injuries can hide behind money. Aur Aam Jantha Ko Akal he Nahi. Amen!!!

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