Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Dr. Dhoni & the Curious case of Gautam Gambir

Far too many interesting events happened in the past few days. The man struggling to obtain his bachelor’s degree managed an honorary doctorate from a University in Leicester. I’ve more often witnessed a celebrity from the cine industry receiving the honors and it is interesting to see a cricketer recognized. Dhoni might actual become the trendsetter for doctorates but I just hope it does not turn into a fashion and people make a mockery of the accreditation.

Gambir bows down to injury yet again. This time, I lay a very serious accusation on him. I know this could upset your imagination of the fighting cricketer, but I really cannot hold myself talking my heart. He has never been a regular feature of the Indian team, especially the Tests played outside subcontinent. I’ve always seen him going down to some injury in all the critical tours outside Asia. Now take a look at his entire Test career.

Feel free to click this hyperlink for Gambir Stats.

He made his Test debut way back in 2004. I’m pretty sure you are all in sync with me that he is more or less a regular member since his arrival to the Indian side. But, in all these years has only played 10 Tests outside subcontinent, 2 at Zimbabwe in Sep 2005, 3 at New Zealand in Mar-Apr 2009, 2 at South Africa in Dec-Jan 2011 and 3 at England in the recently concluded series. In the 41 Tests he played till date only 10 Tests outside subcontinent? Again, in all these 10 matches he managed only 2 centuries and both came up against New Zealand. And if you choose to ignore the 2 Tests against Zimbabwe, it leaves Gambir with only 8 Tests against serious opposition. At New Zealand he was supreme, at South Africa moderate, finally at England a complete flop show. Better the opposition poor his performance.

To make his missing impactful, he was not a part of the 4 Tests played at West Indies in Jun 2006, 3 Tests played at South Africa in Dec-Jan 2007, 3 Tests played at England in Jul-Aug 2007, 4 Test matches played at Australia between Dec-Jan 2008, 3 Tests played at West Indies in Jun-Jul 2011. Considering he missed a tour or two due to non selection, he still missed out a good number of Test matches played outside Asia. Even the current failure against England would not be held against him or might go unnoticed for the injury he fought rather the opposition.

It is time somebody takes a serious watch on him. Well, this is my Curious Case of Gambir which I could not hold on to myself.

Now, coming to Gambir’s replacement. A left hander replacing another left hander makes sense but never in my wildest imagination expected Ravindra Jadeja to replace Gambir ahead of Sourav Tiwary, Manoj Tiwary, Ambati Rayudu or even the all rounders Yusuf Pathan or Irfan Pathan. May be Jadeja’s left arm spin should have tempted the management; still the selection is far too convincing considering his limited or no ability to bat outside IPL.

I’m far too convinced India will win the one off T20 against England with ease. For the section of crowd who wonder why Dravid is playing ahead of Tendulkar, please remember Tendulkar has retired from T20 internationals and Dravid did not. Mind you, India does not produce cricketers who often come out of retirements.

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