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Fans reaction after the series loss...

All along, I've been bugging you with my articles. For a change let us hear what the fans have to say after the humiliating series loss.

Sudarshan Sadagopan "Team India looks like the high school kids getting bashed up by Professionals. I think we should ask England players to play in their wrong hand. There is a popular proverb in Tamil. It reads as follows... Life is a circle. The person on top has to descend and the person down has to ascendThe same phrase holds good for the Indian team too. They had to have the downhill ride at sometime and guess this is it. We expected this long back but they kept climbing up and up. After becoming No.1 they lost that urge to go more. Fair to say they turned lethargic after reaching the top spot. Hope they bounce back"

Arvind Siva "Over dependence on senior pro's did Dhoni in"

Harleen Singh "Back to 2007 World Cup when Indian cricket had the worst nightmare. But as we all know they started building up from there and came out very strong. I think India should and would perform better in one-dayers which will help them to come out of negative shackles holding them back"

Govindarajan Srinivasan "It was a collective failure. Tendulkar, Dravid and Laxman are old to the extent a series of failure will trigger talks about their retirement. Apart from the big 3 the tier 2 seniors Sehwag, Gambhir, Dhoni all score quickly. We need atleast 2 or 3 batsmen with solid defense. All these youngsters expect to be in test team by virtue of doing well in T20, IPL and one-dayers should play more Ranji trophy, county cricket outside India on longer format of the game and most certainly fewer weeks of IPL. Now India have to stop thinking about the lost #1 ranking , away series whitewash/saving the next test match and focus on batting, bowling and fielding to their potential..."

Prabhuvel Kandasamy “Indians always have trouble playing short balls. They need to tone the youngsters for the long format. But nowadays they concentrate only for the short format especially IPL to earn more. Now cricket has become a business and not a game of professionals”

Anbalagan Varadharajan “England is taking the advantage of home condition. If they play in India we too can white wash the series…”

Umanath Kuppuswamy "Factors to be considered: Batsmen need to learn how to play bouncers, Bowlers need to bowl according to all pitch conditions (if their bowlers are able to do it then why not ours), excessive cricketing... "

Arvind Krishnaswamy "Another series and another loss overseas. Not sure a win in the fourth test will redeem the team. Still as an ardent Indian fan would love for us to go out strong and a Sachin 100 and then come the one-dayers the only chance to still prove that the WC was no fluke"

Suresh Kesarla: "Whatever reasons said is said....bottom line is we just don’t deserve the number one positon in tests."

Ramakrishnan Sundaresan "Let me slightly re-phrase what Suresh said. We don’t deserve the No.1 position in tests YET :) We need to work hard and we can do it." 

Vijay Srinivasa Rangan "No.1 Stop believing in numbers. No.2 Play more tests Idiots!!! And for the fans ACCEPT DEFEATS. IT’S ALRIGHT TO LOSE!!" 

Amol Dehal “Sachin walking down the crease at the non striker end expecting to take a quick fire single is as a matter of fact undesirable in test cricket!! Most of Indians are still playing in T20 mode, ridiculous!! Oh yeah Amit Mishra is better off than Harbhajan, what a joke !! We don't deserve being number 1, but yes hurts a lot, let’s hope we salvage some pride in the ODI's, a 4-1 should do us good”

Shiyam Kumar Raman “From here on where, is the million dollar question. How about removing all the seniors one by one and bring in fresh/young blood. For sure they are not going to be successful right from the day one, but that is ok, anyway we are losing now. Won't this become a foundation for molding the next bunch of lions!!!”

Siddharth Reddy “It happens... I know it’s heartbreaking but shit happens. We have been No.1 for two yrs, won the WC and this the first series defeat in 3yrs! Sometimes we have to digest defeat even if as bad as this one. I am sure it was a much needed jolt. The British media have been relentless since day 1 and trust me its hard reading and listening to them. They hate BCCI, they hate IPL, and they could not stand that India was No: 1, it’s hard! Hopefully we will learn to cherish our position next time and our media needs to be a lot more aggressive in stance....but that’s Indian mentality for you. Show the next cheek.

Karthik Visveswar “India is fighting with Australia on who will hit the nadir first :-)”

Sanjay Kumar Pirwani "hmmm…. this series have been disappointing as Indian team especially batsman performed poorly. We are disappointed but at the same time we should support team India to win last test and bring some pride back"

Bottomline: It is definitely not the best Independence Day gift for the diehard Indian supporters. Hopefully come Republic Day, the Indian Team should give something for the followers to cheer about.

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