Monday, August 8, 2011

"Time for Andy Flower, Rahul, Sachin to commit suicide!"

One fighting afternoon, Mike Atherton survived a scare with the help of a shocker from the umpire, only to spur up the White lightning to come at him harder & make the most miserable day in Mike's life. Atherton came out of it fighting & saving the match for England. Rahul Dravid, Sachin Tendulkar, VVS, Shivnarine, Sangakkara, Jacques Kallis & Mike Hussey mark the last of the fighting genre of Cricketers who always will to compete & shun with skill. With BCL, Andy Flower & Steve Waugh gone, we will definitely not get to witness any guts & determination ever on the cricket field. What Gambhir has, is what most youngsters lack!!

SA chased 434 in an ODI with Smith & Gibbs just blazing away @ the beginning. However none should forget the pivotal unbeaten fighting 50 from Mark Boucher that helped them cross the hurdle. The will to compete is second to none!!

Mark Nicholas on BCL's 400 -- "To score 2 scores in excess of 300 is extraordinary. But to score them 10 years apart is Exemplary". That is the kind of Will that the youngsters today should have to derive & to sustain the hunger for the game, for decades. Look at Sachin Tendulkar. Isn't he an amazing individual to have played 2 decades of International cricket and still goes on to have the longing desire to improve, enjoy and score???

The current genre of cricketers are disappointing & spine-less to say the least. I will be the happiest sole on the face of this planet if they manage to prove me wrong. Just cannot watch Raina, Yuvi, Murali Vijay struggle worthlessly against good bowling. "One good delivery, and they are out of the next ball if not of the same delivery itself". The cricketing world is tired watching, even an ordinary spin bowler made to look like Murali, Kumble & Warne by the non-subcontinental batsmen. I have watched enough international cricket to realize how unfortunate a player like Brendon Taylor has been. I have read local articles about him training for 4 hours everyday even when there is no International Cricket on the Zimbabwean calendar. The present lot is just looking to mint money having neither the pride of a Sachin nor the hard work of a Rahul!! It is so very painful being a fan & follower of this game to even watch these youngsters play.

Where are the days when Andy Flower ran 4 laps around the cricket field with the batting gear on & tapping the ball as he ran around, to help his concentration reach another level altogether?? Where are the days when Allan Donald used to sprint 6kms every alternate day to keep himself fit?? Will this world ever get to witness a Hayden who had innovative ways to train hard against spin bowling that would go on to revive his international career?? These days people have all the technology, personnel & the facilities they can think of, but not the will to be the best. One look at Zaheer Khan & Shoiab Akhtar, and you can obviously understand why they have not been as consistently fit as Mcgrath, Kapil, Donald or Ntini were.

What on Earth has Kieron Pollard achieved in his life to have "SunridgeS" name a variant of bats upon him as "KP"?? T20 is a spoiler!! That is the prime delinquent behind this cricketing horror. These youngsters just don't train hard enough to earn any respect from the purists. If only the avenues stop looking at them as Brands but just as ordinary individuals who are the ambassadors of this wonderful sport, Cricket will reach its death bed quicker!!


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