Tuesday, August 23, 2011

A letter from the lover...

Even the pessimist of Indian supporter would not have anticipated a whitewash at the start of the series. The results only epitomize Miracles Happen.

Despite a justified outcome for the team that played all the acts right, the facts remained different from the truth. India played badly is the fact, but they tried hard is the truth. Rahul Dravid was the leading run scorer is the fact, he was often the only scorer is the truth. India sent the full strength side is the fact, they were marred by fitness issues is the truth. India was represented by a good captain is the fact, he did not deliver is the truth. Indian won half the tosses is the fact, did not press the advantage is the truth. India lost the series is the fact, India was often deprived of the much needed luck is the truth. Dravid nicked the ball is the fact and the technology failed to reveal is the truth, but the third umpire still ruled it in favor of the bowler is certainly absurdity. In many case, the facts contradict the truth. Finally, India turned good to worst in a month’s time is the fact but certainly not the truth, the least in my opinion.

If India hogging the tag of world champions could be fuzziness of imagination, then the abject surrender surely beats the law of gravity. In any case, the eyes can’t be this deceiving.

As the 4-0 drubbing loomed large after each day of the test match; fitness, fatigue, concentration, money, abuse of power, selection fairness, quality of talent, lack of youth, overly reliance on veterans, tiring legs, IPL, scheduling etc added to the list of woes to fit the bill. Now that the results are out, what remains to be witnessed are the repercussions and corrective action that address the true problem. Any attempts to conceal the truth/divert the focus/dilute the magnitude of failure is only good as digging own grave.

To the BCCI bosses, 
The time has arrived to revisit your stand on DRS. In the case of Dravid dismissal, the technology did not pick the nick, that should not become an excuse to hide behind the wall. There is no perfect world and there are bound to be some inconsistencies once in a while. It is better to use all the available options including Hawk Eye, Snick-O-Meter etc., and the personnel responsible should make fair judgment based on the evidence presented. After all, every wicket carries the same price no matter how the wicket fell. It is only fair that any dismissal can be reviewed without an exemption. Time you get it and please don't go south when the world moves north.

To the Commentators
Mr. Hussain is right. You are out there to express your views and not just a mouth piece to your management.

To the Captain,
If you think your players are really jaded and that is prime the reason for this dismal performance, we accept your wisdom gracefully. However, it will be disappointing if you or your boys play for the franchises only to exert more and repeat the same reason for a failure in the future assignments. As a fan we carry great pride in boasting our nation’s victory. So feel free to excuse franchise commitments, take the required rest and make yourself fit and available for national duty. We have not forgotten the lifetime joy you provided us few months ago. Trust me. We would not throw stones at you when you return home, rather only run after you for an autograph.

To the God of Cricket,
You reached this status not just for the mountain of runs you piled or the grace with which you play. Please remember you single handedly revived Indian cricket. Your rise mirrored the country’s rise. You booted the country’s economy. You are strong, sincere, poised never had scandals with women or drugs. A perfect idol for every citizen. The day you quit the whole nation would grieve. A man of such stature skipping national duty only for playing IPL is way too much to digest. You are already at your twilight. Please don’t cut it short by playing irrelevant cricket.

To all those passionate fans,
I agree humiliation is painful, but it is badly needed for the betterment of the system. All those alarms that went unnoticed will surely grasp the ears here on. For now, Patience is Virtue.

Cricket Lover

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