Tuesday, September 20, 2011

More Power Plays to follow as Srinivasan arm twists...

N Srinivasan takes position as BCCI president and fires Kochi Tuskers right away. Wow… what a start!!! That move clarified the ambiguity. The current IPL Chairman, Chirayu Amin did not do anything right or wrong, his job wasn’t at stake nor was there a pressure to resign, when he wanted to step down from his post a couple of days ago. Now, you know why he quit. You need real balls to take such a decision and Mr. Amin from his act conveyed his unwillingness to be involved in any controversy. Anyways, all that we see now is not new. Rajasthan Royals and Kings XI Punjab were banned before in 2010. They made a case in the court of law and found their way back in the league. It would not be a surprise Tuskers will follow suit to fight their ouster legally.

Following are some of the interesting queries that will be answered in time.
Can Tuskers reinstate themselves in the league?
If no, will another team replace Tuskers through bid?
If no, can the other 9 teams choose the Tusker players in another auction only for the benefit of Tusker-less players?
If so, how is it possible as most franchises ran over the pot in the last auction?

Interesting, interesting!!!

By any chance Tuskers don’t win the legal battle, while BCCI is contended with 9 teams (highly unlikely), that spares the audience 9 fewer games to follow. For now, the viewers can get ready for another engaging show off the field.

In my opinion, Tuskers will be given the opportunity to sell the team. If that happens you are sure to see a different team name with the same men but not playing in Purple & Orange.

In another move, N Srinivasan ruled out any inquiry on India’s dismal performance at England. Don’t know about others take on this, he definitely wins my vote. On Friday Sep 16, India’s tour of England concluded, on Monday Sep 19 Champions league commenced. Soon as this gala ends there will be an NKP Salve Challenger trophy for the benefit of someone. Then England will arrive in India for the 5 match ODI series. While that series is far from over, West Indies will be in India for 3 Tests and 5 ODIs. Before the WI ODI’s end, half the India squad will be in Australia getting acclimatized to conditions. So, where on earth somebody has time to investigate the failure in England? Even otherwise, by the point the fabricated reports arrive, decision taken, another Indian Team would be in England for the Pataudi Trophy. Glad, Srinivasan deemed the investigations unnecessary.

Bottom line: More power play to follow as Srinivasan arm twists... 

Champions League
It's always the question of who is going to qualify the main event along Knight Riders. The question is answered as the boys from the Caribbean coasts made it to the main event. By any chance if you wonder why a fourth IPL team play champions league, rather another club outside India? This has nothing to do with BCCI’s muscle power. It’s one of those Lalit Modi strategies to play an Indian franchise to draw the crowd for the competition held in India. Never mind, it’s still empty stands. I just hope the technical analysis of Harsha Bhogles, Sunil Gavaskars, Ian Bishops are heard by some audience in television sets the least.

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