Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Greatness can be Humble... Can't be Subtle

India won the First Test with a day to spare. I’m glad we drew the first blood but the performance in home territory is far too convincing due to first innings debacle. Since we analyzed the episode far too much let’s move on. Now, “Did India just demonstrate the bounce backability or West Indies lacked the aptitude to surrender India after securing the first round?
Funny huh!!! First I wanted India to win and now I validate the feat.

It is very sad to watch the Master reaching a major milestone in front of empty audience. Lucky I witnessed the moment on TV. This reminds me a sweet memory from the past. Not sure the timeline precisely, but surely a decade years ago the least, around Diwali time, when New Zealand was on tour to India. The match was played at Chepauk Stadium, India won the toss and batted first but not much of play possible due to rain. When the pitch and conditions improved for any play on the afternoon of third day, the stands started filling pretty fast. Mind you everyone knew the game is not going to bring any result, but flocked the stadium just for a session to see the master sizzle. Much to the expectation Tendulkar served the fans appetite with a stylish half century. Mind you, we all ran to the stadium to get a glimpse of Tendulkar in a No Result game. Today watching the maestro reaching 15000 runs in empty stands hurts me badly. There could be several reasons for the poor turnout (skipping the analysis for your convenience) but if your son is playing a game out there and is in verge of achieving a major milestone won’t you be there to cheer him (if not witness the history for yourself)??? Sometimes no matter what the reason, it will be a good gesture to cheer the countries favorite son (or anybody) when they reach an important milestone. Am I over reacting??? Never mind. 

For once, Mumbai Cricket Association is doing all possible to get the crowd so as there are souls to cheer the 100th ton. Between, did Tendulkar on purpose miss his C at Delhi so as he doesn’t embarrass himself? Pl excuse, greatness can be humble but can’t be subtle. So I’m certain to see the biggie coming in front of a packed stadium and thousands of fans take privilege of witnessing the moment.

On the positives, good to see India breeding the new age cricketers. Also it is heartening to see the young spinners cashing the opportunity with commendable performance and prolong Harbhajan’s comeback. At the same time it is disappointing to watch seasoned pro like Yuvi wasting opportunities. Though his place is on the line, he could still feel secured of a spot throughout the series. Anyways, wish to see India winning the remaining Tests inside 5 days (BUT BATTING ONLY ONCE).

Somewhere in another part of the world there is another Test series between Australia and South Africa currently in progress. Once again it is disappointing to know it is only 2 Test Series. On paper, South Africa looks to be a better side in all aspects compared to Australia whose bowling seems to be a letdown. In reality, Australia has more match practice compared to South Africa. This should be an intriguing contest for true cricket fans.

Bottom line: A Tendulkar walking on the streets would attract more crowd than the Tendulkar in action during a Test Match at an Indian venue. Even Tendulkar could not save the game, time BCCI take good note of it.

Cricket Lover

PS: There is little happening in my professional life. So I might take a little break from sharing my views. Until then Jai should thrill you with his witty stuffs.

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