Friday, August 24, 2012

Ruthless India plays SPIN MUSIC !!!

I know you must be laughing out loud as you read the Title “Ruthless India”. Even I do. Unfortunately this is a ruthless performance from Indians at backyard. Back in England, when India somehow managed to get to the lower middle order of England side, there will be a rock solid Prior to score a powerful half century (to say the least) followed by a cameo from Bresnan, Broad or Swann to floor India completely. Today when Kiwis thought they somehow penetrated the top order at 260/5, here came the Dhoni with an authoritative half century (73) followed by a little cameo from Ashwin (37) to take India to an imposing total of 437. In the coming days, we can only expect the firing to get big.

Again, what followed from the Kiwi batting line up was not any surprise (106/5). But what will be a big surprise is if Kiwis can go on to pile another 100 – 150 runs. The interesting aspect was, the medium pace of Zaheer (5) and Yadav (3) together bowled only 8 overs of the 42 overs bowled by Indians. And the part time bowling of Sehwag, Raina and Tendulkar contributed 5 overs in comparison to 8 overs of the mainstay. This is largely understandable considering the light was deteriorating and umpires would have offered the light to the batsman if medium pacers operated.

They call it Chin Music, we call it Spin Music here. If Spin Music is what likely to be played, India might as well go back to Azhar days, when only one medium pacer bowled (Prabhakar, Ganguly and Sachin used to share the new ball) and the remaining bowlers slot were taken by Kumble, Chauhan and Raju. I’m not suggesting anything of that sort. There is no way Chawla an able candidate ahead of Yadav or Ishant, but if we want to develop Chawla, this is the time.

Ashwin’s 3 wickets in removing half the Kiwi side should make it difficult for Harbhajan Singh. I don’t see a reason Ashwin not picking two more wickets in first innings and possibly 3 more in second to complete a match haul of 8 wickets the least. In any case, Ashwin is all set to finish with 15 wickets in this 2 Test series. The advantage Ashwin carries is his ability to grab wickets with the new ball like Kumble. Can’t fathom, how Harbhajan will make the cut for the England series unless Ashwin picks an injury or India decide to operate with 3 spinners of which 2 are off spinners.

In the days ahead, we are likely to have intense debate as who is the worst side, England or India?
From what we witness, it looks like England will eclipse India marginally to prove they are the worst. Both teams have proved they are lambs abroad (England in subcontinent, India in bouncy wickets). What surprised is England lost 2-0 to South Africa, which I doubt from India to lose against South Africa at home. Anyways, we will have our answers in the next few months.

Bottom line: Even if Kiwis fail to go past follow on score, I’m sure India will bat again only to entertain the paying public.

Cricket Lover

PS: I read news somewhere there is a rain forecast for Sunday and Monday. It won't be a surprise if India enforce follow on to derive result.

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