Monday, August 20, 2012

Laxman Disappoints!!!

I’m running low on choice of words as I mention “Laxman Disappoints”.  I’m sure his announcement is a shocker to many.

“Disappoints” does not mean I’m changing my stance. I still say, both Laxman and Dravid should have played the Australia tour announcing their retirements. I arrived at this conclusion only after watching their showing on the tour of West Indies in 2011. The strength of Laxman and Dravid is their ability to grind the opposition for hours. This was lacking on the tour of West Indies and what followed up in England was more of a confirmation of the ageing legs. After the debacle at Australia, it was little too much for taking even for the wisdom of a common cricket fan.

How does “Disappoint” make sense now?
Considering it would be too much for the budding careers to take off against Australia at Australia, it made sense when both Dravid and Laxman chose to play this series. Even here, Rohit Sharma should have debuted anywhere in the third or final test, especially when the kid had hit a purple patch going into the series and particularly when Dravid and Laxman were found wanting. If Dravid and Ganguly could do it 15 years ago, why can’t Virat Kohli and Rohit Sharma repeat the feat now? Anyways, there is no point in brooding over what had happened.

Having not hung up the boots where it mattered or made sense, it is disappointing to see both these stalwarts choosing to bow off the field. It hardly convince the passionate cricket lovers who all opine, the legends deserve on field send off. Their sacrifice and contribution deserve farewell is more appropriate way to put it. As the stalwarts chose to bypass the on field honors, it makes it extremely humbling even for a cut throat critic who called their heads. With the off field retirement act, both Dravid and Laxman put the future of Indian Cricket ahead of their careers or personal desires. It is important Indian Cricket reciprocate the gesture by taking good decisions going forward.

I wish the trio of Dhoni, Gambir and Sehwag sit together and resolve their difference of opinion and take decisions for the greater good. It will be a good time to groom a new opener like Rahane to partner Gambir and get him ready before South Africa 2013. Rather Kohli take No.3 by default, it would not be a bad ploy to slot Pujara in this role, a cricketer more in the ranks of Dravid to grind the opposition and new ball. Tendulkar at his usual spot, Sehwag to follow and the No.6 going to one among Sharma/Raina/Yuvraj/Kaif/Badri/Rayudu would be the way to go.

All the rope Ashwin or Badrinath received may not be available anymore. They have to realize the new chairman of selectors is not going to be from Tamil Nadu and their spot will be based on what they deliver on the field.

It will be interesting to see how Indian Cricket matures after the Golden era. I've a feeling Indian youth will come out in flying colors. I sincerely wish the next generation don’t disappoint the greats.

South Africa Vs England

I think the whole of India will be celebrating the England’s 2-0 loss to South Africa. Yes, India doesn’t deserve to be No.1 simply for losing it 4-0 to England. Again, England did not justify the crown either as they lost to Pakistan 3-0, drew with Sri Lanka and lost  2-0 to South Africa at home.

Bottom line: No.1 side is not the side that can win the matches they can. No.1 side is the one that can win the matches they can’t. Either ways, Gary Kirsten looks to be the No.1 coach now.

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