Friday, August 3, 2012

Is England a laughing stock???

I’m sure every Indian cricket fan must be taking solace after England’s pounding to South Africa in the ongoing Test Series played in England. Ideally this is what we expected India to do a year ago!!! Now, hardly a year into the pole position, England already exhibited their inability to compound the turning wickets of subcontinent when they were washed up 3-0 against Pakistan. And now they are turning vulnerable against a quality opposition like South Africa in their own backyard. Interestingly, the much hailed world class spinner such as Swann is benched in place of inexperienced Finn in the second test. If this move is attributed to the pace and bounce of the track, I'm surprised how South Africa misread the wicket and fielded Imran Tahir in the playing XI for the second test. And, one failure in the first test, England did not have the patience to persist with Ravi Bopara. Eitherways, both moves baffle. Not sure Kumble at his prime or Warne during his best or Murali at his wittiest were ever dropped from the side sighting the nature of the track. If Bopara were to be replaced it should be under the expense of a bowler than a batsman, as it was England’s bowlers at fault  for picking only 2 wickets in the entire first test. In other words the quartet of Anderson, Broad, Bresnan and Swann were publicly humiliated by the likes of Smith, Amla and Kallis only to show if these bowlers were overrated.

With visible flaws in tactics and sense of panic exhibited by English Camp, the fate of this series is very much foreseeable. But, Cricket is a game of surprise and I wish England don’t go down without a fight even at their backyard.

It was only few days ago, I read an article somewhere that England floating a strategy to build sufficient breaks in the calendar of Andy Flower so as he spends quality time with his young family. This way he will stay rejuvenated and continue to provide long services for the betterment of English cricket. If ever England is dethroned from crown by South Africa, England find an early exit from the World T20 Championship, England continue the dismal show in the subcontinent wickets against India, not sure Andy Flower would even continue to enjoy the position he is in.

But, it is customary practice to find a scapegoat for failures. So no surprises if Strauss is replaced by Cook as national captain. Again, there is a good probability this might happen after the series against India more than immediately, far there will be no scapegoat then. I’m not being arrogant here. But all those noise made after thumping India were little too much in decibel. I wish teams learn to be humble in times of success.

Somewhere in the shores of Emerald Island, there is a high profile one day series played between India and Sri Lanka. India has won the series 3-1 with a game to go. Unfortunately the magnificence of this series is marred by untimely fixture of London Olympics.
What a shame to the world of cricket?

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