Thursday, December 8, 2011


I’ve not been writing a lot these days. Thanks to the new found job status that keeps me away from sharing my wisdom. Today, all those miseries are put to a pause. Thanks to the wonderful double century from the super blades of Sehwag that brings me out of hibernation. 

It was 3 in the morning when my sleep got disturbed. Tried hard to go back but no luck. What the heck... thought will watch the India Vs West Indies match the least. Though I’m not a big fan of this series, I’m glad there is something to keep me occupied this odd hours. Guess what??? I ended up watching every single run of the historic 219 runs constructed by Virender Sehwag. Don’t worry!!! I spare you the details as the highlights and the match report will be out shortly in cricinfo. But I will be glad to mention one thing. I definitely felt the hunch about the double ton when Sehwag was caressing in 80s.   

Now that the double ton is made comparisons are obvious. There is no doubt that Tendulkar’s double came against a superior opposition. Much the same time, there is no denial that this is a supreme effort from Sehwag to overwhelm the feat. Either ways, I’m glad the record was broken as I firmly believe records are meant to be broken. Today, Sehwag also demonstrated that an individual score of 250 is very much in vicinity. Trust me, a decade ago I wouldn’t want to believe 200 runs is possible, now I’m talking 250 myself. Now, I only wish the format to stay alive to witness the occurrence. 

How lucky I’m to lose the sleep??? 

Now that I’ve decided to write, let me pour my thoughts on few other stuff. It is extremely disappointing to see Irfan Pathan not being picked for the Test Leg of the Australian tour. Though I’m not a big Pathan fan myself, it is difficult to digest a team with too many rookies for a tour down under. With Zaheer and Ishanth injury prone, Irfan would have been a sensible choice ahead of Mithun, otherwise a better replacement for injured Praveen Kumar. Also Pathan is amongst wickets in the domestic circuit makes it even compelling to pick him. Again, I don’t know the politics that keeps him away from the scene. However it is even sad to see him left out of the 4th ODI against West Indies. I wish better sanity prevail in the minds of selectors and team management. Irfan should now hope to stay in the selectors radar as injury replacement.

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