Monday, December 26, 2011

The curious case of the BCCI and the DRS

I for one can't fathom why the BCCI steadfastly refuses to embrace the DRS! There were three decisions yesterday that would have been overturned by DRS. A debutant would not have felt cheated out of a well-deserved hundred and a valiant veteran cheated out of a career. By the same token, India would be further into the Aussie tail. Incorrect umpire decisions must not be allowed to alter the course of a game and the career of cricketers. As a spectator, it leaves a bitter taste in the mouth.

It does not matter who has the overall gain. The situation could change today and a few more decisions could go against the Indians. What matters is that the umpires are human and there is technology available to the players to dispute decisions when they feel wronged! Hot spot, snicko meter and ball trajectory are based on science and offer both teams equal opportunities to question the umpires decision. The technology may not be a 100% accurate but it is better than relying solely on the umpire. I am sure the umpires feel less pressure when there is DRS available.

I was at the MCG in 2003 when Ponting clearly nicked one on 97 and went on to score 257 and who can forget the 2008 SCG Test where Symonds clearly nicked one and went on to score a century. DRS gives both teams an opportunity to ensure that such blatant errors are not allowed to change the course of a Test and a series. The argument that umpiring mistakes are part and parcel of the game and they even out in the long run, do not hold water. These views might have had limited value in the past but are no longer valid in light of technology. Sports need to embrace technology to keep up with the times and to entice spectators.

BCCI has a history of not embracing new trends - remember BCCI's steadfast opposition to T20! they even allowed an alternate league to flourish before the embraced the T20 spectacle. Will it take Sachin Tendulkar to be wrongly given out on 99 for BCCI to change its stance on DRS?

Sai Mahesh

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