Monday, May 14, 2012

DADA DOWN... NOT OUT and the race continues...

When it looked like 2 teams have made it to the playoffs (Knight Riders and Delhi Daredevils) a week ago, the race seems to be far from over, the least for Knight Riders. The point’s table is now extremely intriguing with 7 teams still have it in them to claim a spot in the top 4. This is probably the situation the organizers have been craving all along to sell the INDIAN PREMIER LEAGUE. Well, they sold it this time.

Teams              Mat      Won     Lost     Pts        Net RR
Delhi                13        9          4          18        +0.729
Mumbai           14        9          5          18        -0.056
Knight Riders   14        8          5          17        +0.390
Chennai           15        8          6          17        +0.214
Bangalore        14        7          6          15        -0.072
Rajasthan         14        7          7          14        +0.335
Punjab             13        7          6          14        -0.270

More than anybody, the fortune of Knight Riders keeps me hooked up. Knight Riders are left to play Mumbai Indians and Pune Warriors. One victory from any of these games will seal the deal. But, imagine if they lose to Mumbai, guess who will script their fate in the play offs??? Hahahahaha. I’m dying to see the reaction of Shah Rukh Khan when DADA brings down his world crumbling. At this time, I wish to keep my emotions subtle and hopes low as disappointments are part and parcel of Indian fans life.

Chennai Super Kings are left to play their last match against Punjab. A win here confirms a spot in playoffs; a defeat is curtains for the 2 year dream run.

Mumbai Indians are left to play Knight Riders and Rajasthan Royals. If they lose both these games, chances for a spot in the playoffs would turn slim. Then they can curse the negative run rate piled all along. Hope this is unlikely scenario considering their bowling resources are better than anyone else. I personally anticipate them to beat Knight Riders to confirm their status straight away and keep the tournament alive for other contenders.

Already a Himalayan climb is getting even bigger as Punjab takes on Delhi, Chennai and Delhi in the games ahead. More than making a case for themselves, their name sounds a sense of relief in the opposition camps of Delhi and Chennai.

If there is one team that is allowed to lose all their remaining games and still make a case for contention, then it is Delhi Daredevils. Thanks to their supremely higher Net Run Rate. Delhi is due to play Punjab, Bangalore and Punjab in that order. Logically they should win one out of the 3 and prospects look good in Punjab encounters.

Then the Gaylo-Bangalore is due to play Delhi and Deccan. They are most likely to win one out of these two games. Again, their bowling is found seriously wanting. Unless Dilshan and Gayle don’t turn to be serious bowling options, the likes of Zaheer Khan, Vinay Kumar, Harshal Patel are most likely to cause doomsday.

Not, but not the least, the heartthrob of this IPL - Rajasthan Royals. They are due to play Chargers and Mumbai Indians. On paper they should be able to beat Chargers and technically stand a better chance to beat Mumbai, if and only if Mumbai beat Knight Riders and take the pedal off the gas.

I wish to make my predictions and like to see how the points table ends up. Rajasthan to win remaining two, Chennai to win their last one, Delhi to win one out of 3 (against Punjab), Mumbai to win one out of two (against Knight Riders), Bangalore to win one out of two (against Delhi), Punjab to win one out of 3 (against Delhi) and Knight Riders none. In this scenario the current points table would finish something like this.

Teams              Mat      Won     Lost     Pts        Net RR
Delhi                16        10        6          20        +
Mumbai           16        10        6          20        -
Chennai           16        9          6          19        +
Royals             16        9          7          18        +
Knight Riders   16        8          7          17        +
Bangalore        16        8          7          17        -
Punjab             16        8          8          16        -

Mumbai and Rajasthan remained my favorites for top 4. Wish it stays that way. Let’s see if I have to cut a sorry figure at a later point. Hope to see DADA scripts the fate of Knight Riders. But then we also know nothing ever happens in life as we like to see.

Bottom line: A revenge to be unleashed in the DADA style.

Cricket Lover

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