Wednesday, May 16, 2012

A drama without curtains...

At the start of this season, we pretty much knew that there will be an off field drama which would draw the necessary attention to spice up the Indian Premier League. Back then we didn’t know what it would be, except we were sure to have one. Please, read IPL Time, if you were to know what happened in the previous editions.

Thanks to the sting operation that puts IPL on spotlight in the international arena for non field cricket related actions. More than the previous years, this season’s drama quiet matched the global trend. Not to any surprise, no big fish caught except some name less cricketers as Shalabh Srivastava, Amit Yadav, Abhinav Bali, TP Sudhindra, Mohnish Mishra are suspended alleging corruption charges. I’m sure none of these cricketers would have gone on to make a name for themselves in the world cricket purely for their cricketing skills. Thus they also become a scapegoat, in other words a target for such sting operations. Just two days before the news broke out IPL employed an independent Anti Corruption Unit to monitor the league. It is too much an irony that the team has a case to solve soon they assumed role. It happens only in India.

Since the players involved were formerly associated with ICL, there is a speculation that this could be an ICL initiative to shun IPL. In other words, ICL employed its soldiers to take revenge for the injustice done to them. Anyways, we have an able team to solve the mystery.

So what do we make out this Soap Opera?
Lots of times, IPL remind TV soaps. Usually the TV soaps ride by the pulse of the audience. You should see the pattern in IPL too. After 3 years of continuous failure, here we witness ascendance of Knight Riders with a new leader in command. Chennai Super Kings caught off guard most of the season peak at the right moment to keep the puzzle intact “How could Dhoni Boys do it again?” A star studded Mumbai line up struggle the entire season to win some of the elementary games and still fancy a spot in the top 4. There are the weak links as Rajasthan & Punjab who amaze the audience with logic defying cricket to keep the competition afloat. Then there is a customary Deccan whose only purpose is to get beaten by any and everyone in the league.

Do some of these things really mean to happen or it happens because the audience pulse demanded it? No way, I intend to say games are fixed. I only say, without a script, without a screenplay, the action still mirror TV Soaps. Probably the reason IPL is sold as CRICKETAINMENT. An ideal entertainment with International Flavor, High Production Values, Glamour Pigeons, Powerful Bosses, Raw Emotions, Large Audience, Heroes, Villains, Comedians, Sentiments, Suspense, Crime, Vengeance etc., packaged with the game of cricket.

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