Wednesday, May 2, 2012

ENTERTAINMENT UNLIMITED… but fails to live in memory!!!

Everyone watch this sport for the entertainment value derived from it. Though the appetite varies for each individual, the common denominator for the entertainment quotient is the batsman going hammer and tongs over the bowlers. Teams save wickets and step up to amaze 65-80 runs in the last 5 overs is the anthem of IPL 2012 (A popular ploy adopted by Dhoni & Co for India and Chennai Super Kings over the years). There is hardly a sign of the batsmen nerve wrecked by the daunting required rate even during the finals overs. On the contrary, bowlers impudence are tested in this brief period of play. Until few years ago, nobody would have imagined, piling 50 runs in the last 30 balls is considered sub-par performance. Anyways, the batsman to go bizerk on the day or the bowler to get slaughtered is the only element of surprise.
Though there is tremendous amount of thrills, staggering number of fours and sixes, supreme catching and fielding efforts displayed, the mind seems to forget what happened yesterday. I doubt if anyone would say the same about Ajay Jadeja’s 40 runs scored against Waqar Younis final 2 overs of 96 World Cup or Sachin’s Sharjah Storm or the Nathan Astle’s fastest double century in 2002 etc., The efforts told above appear pale contrast to Gayle Thunder or Sehwag Bulldozer in IPL. However mind fails to register IPL heroics despite the high octane entertainment. So, if value of the entertainment is derived by remembrance of memory, IPL fails big time.
Times, when logic defies the strategy of Mumbai, Delhi hiring all the big guns of domestic and international circuit at huge perks only to bench, here goes something to back it. These big guns are hired by the deep pocket franchises so as they don’t fire against them from the opposition camp. All along if we had perceived that "The game is about to win", it is time to reconsider the phrase "The game is not to let the opposition win".
Interesting to see Hussey, Clarke and Watson for Chennai, Pune and Rajasthan brought more ill luck to their respective teams; soon they arrived and claimed a spot in the XI. It is understandable that teams can’t resist from playing such big names, adjusting to conditions takes time for players too. Wonder why no franchise management get it and rush high profile stars in the playing XI? Gladly, Delhi resisted fielding Warner for out of form Taylor against Royals. By the time Warner takes field, he should be better adjusted to conditions.

Luckily the game of T20 provides ample scope for perfect balance in the side. 5 batsmen, 1 wicket keeper, 1 bowling all rounder and 4 bowlers should do the job. This way the responsibilities are distributed evenly. After all you don't need a steep batting line up for 20 overs a side game and 5 good batsman should do the job comfortably. Similarly teams are better off playing 5 bowlers to keep the batting mights in check. Say the line up of Tendulkar, Gibbs, Sharma, Rayudu, Pollard, Dinesh Karthik, Perara, Harbhajan Singh, Pragyan Ojha, Malinga, RP Singh should do the job comfortably for Mumbai Indians (in my books). That is only an analogy. 

Delhi’s 8 wins in 10 matches and Deccan’s 2 wins in 9 matches more or less confirm the former a spot in playoffs and later the status of heartbreaker. Losing to the loser will be the sin for the remaining 7 teams while beating the table topper gives extra mileage.
Bottom line: Let us wait for the drama to unfold in the coming days.
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