Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Exam over. Waiting for result

Games don’t have to be engaging only for the fight of Pole position. In the ongoing IPL it is even more interesting to predict who will finish top from bottom. However, predicting the popper is not the purpose of the article today.

When teams make it to playoffs ahead of time, there is a complacency factor that usually sets in and forces them to rest their top players to keep them fresh for the knockout. Instead of complacency, I wish to call this Lethargy tactics, where teams play the remaining league games for the sake of it only to create opportunity for the losers to lap few wins. The losers usually dedicate this victory to playing for pride attitude; in reality top teams wish to get the monkey out of the hat so as defeat don’t elude them for overdue in the knockouts.

For a change this IPL won’t see Lethargy Tactics as Top teams will be lurking for every win. After all Top 2 teams obtain the benefit of being a topper by receiving a lifeline when they lose the “Qualifier 1”.

Unless Punjab turns Royals’08 to beat Kochi, Delhi, Bangalore and Deccan, Knight Riders should feel secure about their chances of making it to the playoffs as 4th team.

Though I’m certain who will make it to playoff’s I’m not certain on the order teams are likely to finish. My hunches say Knight Riders will finish as the 4th team and will be eliminated in the Eliminator. But if Punjab makes it, the fairy tale script is completed only if they go all the way.

Kohli leading Bangalore forces me to think the request actually came from the BCCI. There is too little to believe this as a coincidence for Vettori dropped sighting injury and Kohli taking over a day before the National Team selection.

Verdict: Kohli passed the Test in flying colors. At the dawn of tomorrow, the result will be announced officially.

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