Thursday, May 5, 2011

Duncan Checks In.

It goes without saying that India would like continue the No.1 Test rankings. Overseas Test series win is a welcome addition to the kitty, if not a contended draw.

About a week ago, BCCI appointed Duncan Fletcher as the new India coach to succeed Gary Kirsten. I’m sure his appointment must have raised many eye brows as the card was hardly dealt in any rounds in the media circles. It is learnt that Fletcher’s engagement came in after the recommendations from Gary Kirsten. Though the initial contract with Fletcher is for only 2 years, satisfaction from both parties is likely to extend the term. It is hard to resist exploring the reason behind the rendezvous.

The investigation starts with the India’s FTP for the next 2 years. Following are the India’s itinerary for 2011.
India tour of West Indies, 3 tests, 5 ODI, 1 T20
India tour of England, 4 tests, 5 ODI, 1 T20
England tour of India, 3 tests, 5 ODIs
West Indies tour of India, 3 tests, 3-5 ODIs
India tour of Australia, 4 tests, 5 ODIs, 1 T20

The schedule suggests India’s all set for the Quest of The Final Frontier. England is the team with whom India’s likely to play more games in the next few months. Who else would be a better coach if not the man who transformed English cricket from the bottom of Test rankings to No.2 Team some years ago.

Under Fletcher, the England cricket team achieved famous series victories away to Sri Lanka, Pakistan and South Africa between 2000 and 2004. In 2004, England won record 8 consecutive Tests, beating New Zealand 3-0 and West Indies 4-0 at home, before winning the first test in South Africa. His most famous and largest achievement came in September 2005, the first coach of the English team to win an Ashes Series for 18 years when England secured 2-1 victory over Australia.

There is no doubt over his profile as it appears solid for India’s quest of the ultimatum.

Bottom Line: Will his methods work for the Indian Team is the one that is waiting to be revealed.

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