Thursday, May 19, 2011

Phoren Babas Vs Desi Dadas

A regular visitor to CCL, Mr. Vijay Srinivasa Rangan wrote to me his anguish over the recruitment of a foreigner ahead of an Indian for the role of India’s Coach.

How many people knew India did not have a (foreign) coach when they won the T20 world cup in 2007?
We live in a country where people are obsessed with foreign goods, no wonder every time we go for a foreign coach for our national cricket team.
When Duncan Fletcher was appointed as coach it came as a surprise to many because of the choice of person rather than his nationality.
To me it is very baffling.
Why do BCCI completely ignore people like Mohinder Amaranth or Robin Singh (currently having a terrific time with MI) just for their color? With more number of supporting staffs than players, coach role now reduced to motivating and goal setting (you have separate psychologist too)
It is not the question of Dun can or Dun can’t? It is the question if Dun can why not Robin or Amarnath?

Though I beg to differ with him, I definitely wish to publish his thought that echoes some section of public.

It is my opinion that a foreign coach comes with almost no baggage and regional prejudices to favoring players. And, there is some merit to these claims with the team performing exceptionally the past few years. Also the world is moving towards globalization and we already witness many countries prefer a foreigner for the role. That only forces us to assume the choice of preference may be due to the same reason mentioned above.

On the contrary, foreign coaches don’t always succeed. We already witnessed the failure of Greg Chappell on the role and John Buchnan almost turned laughing stock. In these two instances it is the choice of personal that caused the debacle and not the color.

After all when we acknowledge the presence of foreign stars to sell the Indian Premier League, why not appreciate the idea that a foreign coach brings more stability.

As days go by, things could change and we might see an Indian doing the job with finesse. I too wish that happens. For now, I’m satisfied with the foreigner doing the role.

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