Monday, May 9, 2011

Monsters Inc.,

It’s definitely the best innings of the IPL so far. At 25/3, completely hopeless situation chasing a total of 175, it required a special effort from the Delhi Marauder. Though the butcher had his slice of luck, bailing a team out of those tight spots is still a marathon task. For once I really felt happy for the punch bags to come up with a surface that had everything for the bowlers and the batsman. Rightfully Steyn and Ishanth exploited the wicket and so the Daredevil for once had to wait patiently, prior crouching on
Ishan Malhotra. From there on it was about each bowler taking turn to receive their share of body blow.

Definitely the innings kept alive the debate of the most brutally destructive demolishing butcher causing blistering scorch today. Virendra Sehwag or Chris Gayle? I don’t have the answer for the question, but I know they both are recruited at Monsters Inc.,

I take into confidence that the line 1 of the paragraph 2 sufficiently summed up the Punjab Vs Bangalore match report or the Kochi Vs Bangalore report, if not both. Also Punjab crashing to Bangalore is only an indication that they won’t be Royals of 2008. For Prashanth Parameswaran who was quickly making a mark in IPL, is all left with a huge scar by Gayle for giving 37 runs in one over. After all who can survive Gayle Storm? For now I hope the storm to sweep away Knight Riders on May 14, before neutralized by Super Kings on May 22. Trust me, the Rajni fan in me says “No matter how strong the Storm it is all hair blower to Super Kings

Pune’s tactics to bat Yuvi at 5 and Uthapa at 6 chasing 160 in the must win game against Mumbai failed miserably and their hopes if any in the tournament. Now having DADA in the squad doesn’t make sense except for building fan base.

In my opinion, Dilshan leaving Bangalore early for national duty should only be a blessing in disguise for the franchise. After all he only tries to emulate Gayle shot for shot more than being himself. That also goes to say Luke Pomerbach doesn’t have to warm the already heated bench anymore.

With Warne announcing his retirement, is he expecting his boys to emulate the act Team India did to Tendulkar?

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