Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Resurgence or Desertion?

Finally the wait is over after a lot of twists and turns. It is official Sourav Ganguly will be playing for Pune Warriors as deputy to Yuvraj Singh.

The appointment comes at a time when Pune Warriors lost 6 games in a row. Having said that, the revival is definitely on the cards as the bowling unit appears settled with Jerome Taylor, Alfonso Thomas, Rahul Sharma, Murali Karthik, McCullum along with Yuvi’s left arm spinners. Similarly the promotion of Uthappa to No.3 and Yuvraj to No.4 is likely to change their fortune. With the inclusion of Sourav Ganguly, the man who is likely to open the innings with Ryder and sure to mentor Yuvi during on field calls, no doubt Warriors are likely to finish better from here.

The success of Sourav Ganguly is also determined by expectations on him. Definitely he is not going to smack 50 runs of 30 balls. However, if he occupies one end and rotate strike to stroke players like Ryder, Uthappa and Yuvraj the battles are half won. When he mentors Yuvi during the crunch moments 75% of the battles are won. Finally if Warriors stick to basics chances are likely that they could finish in the top 4.

Here is the Warriors itinerary ahead.
May 4   – Vs Mumbai Indians (Mumbai, not a home game considering Tendulkar factor)
May 8   – Vs Punjab (Chandigarh, though an away game is still a home game due to Punjab Puthar)
May 10 – Vs Deccan (Hyderabad)
May 16 – Vs Deccan (Mumbai)
May 19 – Vs Kolkata (Mumbai)
May 21 – Vs Delhi (Delhi)

By law of averages Warriors should beat Mumbai Indians because of their 6 consecutively defeats. With the induction of Ganguly a sudden resurgence should prevail in the camp only to ensure this victory. Once they pass the Punjab hurdle which they are likely to considering Yuvi has a point to prove at home despite away from home. From here on I should say Pune are blessed to face the punch bags in back to back encounters. By May 19, I’m confident Ganguly should have come to terms taking Knight Riders single handedly to clinch the hearts of Kolkata and rest of India. The last game is when they should keep their fingers crossed so they don’t butchered by Devils. Eventually it will boil down to run rate that will decide their place in the the top 4.

A fairy tale script is definitely on the cards for Warriors. The truth is the game of cricket is not played on paper. We will soon know if its going to be resurgence or desertion.

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