Monday, June 27, 2011

Debatable Review System (DRS) + Ganguly's Doosra

While the Debatable portion of the review system is still under debate, ICC went ahead in making un-debatable portion of the review system mandatory. That means hotspot take the hot seat coupled with the audio tracking from the stump microphones (not the Snick-o-meter) making up the haves of Decision Review System.

The Have nots…
I don’t know what is the problem in using the Snick-o-meter?
According to physics “The standard sound level meter is more correctly called an exponentially averaging sound level meter as the AC signal from the microphone is converted to DC by a root-mean-square (RMS) circuit and thus it must have a time-constant of integration…” dude, I don’t get it. I’m no science graduate. In a layman terms, Snicko is only visual representation of noise in the form of graph.

I desire the experts made the technicalities simple so the administrators took informed decision while leaving Snicko.

Now, can the umpires differentiate noise successfully? Will they undergo noise reading programs? Will it be part of curriculum to pass the umpire exam? Will every umpire be subjected to fitness test to ensure their ears, judgments in good shape before every game? Never mind, we leave it to the media to take it from here.

Hawk Eye – F&^@#d Eye
Is this the administrators’ perceptions when they decided to rule out the Hawk-eye towards decision making? By any chance if you readers think, nothing is perfect in this imperfect world so what big deal having Hawk Eye? Kindly take a bow from me for thinking straight head.

Anyways, these are still dirty days. With time the technology will improve and compel the administrators to make it mandatory.

Cost – Benefit Analysis
Niranjan Shah the vice president of BCCI did a cost benefit analysis to come up with the figure of 60,000$ for using DRS per match. ICC quickly clarified it is only 25,000$ per match costing 5000$ per day. Mr. Shah also mentioned this money could otherwise be used wisely towards cricket development in Associate Nations. He also questioned if every Test playing nation could afford it? Finally he picked his brain deeper to come up with the question, “If we are paying 60,000$ per match, why use it only for few decisions, why not for every decision?”

As a common cricket fan here are my counters to Niranjan Shah. Of the 10 Test playing nations, definitely India, Australia, England, South Africa, New Zealand boards are financially good enough to afford 5000$ per day. That leaves Sri Lanka, West Indies, Bangladesh, Pakistan and Zimbabwe. Except for Sri Lanka, West Indies and Pakistan how many Tests are played by Bangladesh and Zimbabwe in a calendar year? And how many Test Series are played between Sri Lanka, West Indies and Pakistan among themselves in a 5 year calendar? I'm sure ICC can figure a way out to resolve the monetary issues.

With respect to the Associate Nations, Come on Mr. Nirajan Shah!!! If you care so much for the development of cricket in Associate Nations, why do you want to leave them out of the 2015 World Cup? It is ICC’s initiative to take the game to the World and so let them pay for it. The common cricket fan hardly cares what happens to the games played between the associates.

Ganguly’s Doosra… Public Bana Bhakra!!!
So far the public were used to SRK googlies that meant no matter who Dada plays Knight Riders dedicate the victory to him. Finally, Ganguly responded with the Doosra “Shahrukh Khan is like my big brother”. And... public bana Bhakra. Poor Aamir witnessed it.

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