Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Fun on the Run - ICC Conference

The ICC conference has been truly exciting. So much of changes, so many politics and finally we get to pass so much of our opinion too.

A political conspiracy brings back associates to the 2015 World Cup. 4 associates are added to the 2015 edition making it a 14 team event; while the 2019 version comprise only 10 teams with Top 8 automatically qualify and the remaining 2 spots decided by a qualification competition.

Why we cannot follow 2019 World Cup procedure to the 2015 World Cup?
The appointment for the post of ICC President and Vice President is usually done by the rotational policy. The tenure is for 2 years (President Sharad Pawar (India), Alan Isaac (New Zealand) Vice-President) and the current one ends in 2012. Pakistan and Bangladesh are due to nominate their candidates for the post and so comes the amendment to the policy. To amend the policy and curb the rotational system, the constitution need 8 out of 10 votes from Full Members while 38 of 50 votes from the Associates. So all Full-Members play the 2015 World Cup and 4 Associates are reinstated for the 2015 event. Getting the required votes to amend the policy should not be a big deal from here. After all John Howard’s (Australia) rejection for the post is a sufficient cover up for the amendment to the policy.

The New Rules in effect
No Runners in International Cricket
Gavaskar has already expressed his disappointment to the rule. When bowlers sip drinks between overs, fielding teams substitute a player, why penalize batsman by disallowing him a runner? After all, Afridi running for Anwar’s 194 is once a decade occurrence. Do you really need to amend the rules?

New Balls from Both Ends
Don’t know how much this is going to affect or benefit the art of reverse swing.

Batting and bowling Powerplays to be taken between overs 16 and 40
Rather leaving the fate to the end this should be true test for decision making skills.

Batsmen can be dismissed obstructing the field if they change their course while running to prevent a run-out chance
A very popular strategy adopted by batsmen to save their ass now bites dust.

Bowlers will be allowed to run out a non-striker backing up unfairly
Courtney Walsh should appear a fool now for not doing this to Saleem Jafar that cost the game for WI in the 1987 World Cup.

Captains to be suspended after only two over-rate breaches in a year, as opposed to the existing three
Not really sure how many captains were suspended before for doing this three times in a year.

On the Decision Review System, it is clarified that Ball Tracking Technology is still optional if agreed by both teams. I guess India will do away with it while the other teams use it preferably.

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