Monday, June 20, 2011

Its not Doomsday

“If WI don't pick up early wickets, they would be bowling all day long for the next two days” says the voice of Gavaskar from the microphone at the start of first day’s play. Truly burst into laughter soon as I heard this.

You arrive couple of days before the start of an important Test series, hardly play any warm up matches, miss out your key players, then debut 3 players and you expect them to plunder runs for two days on a bouncy wicket? Come on Sir. Don’t underrate the knowledge of a common cricket fan. 

Much as expected the parade started after the first few overs. At 85/6, when India was all set to go down under 120 runs, in came Harbhajan and Raina to produce a saving grace performance. Somebody must have told them attack is the best form of defense and they kindly obliged. As time passed by the wicket eased out and the duo improvised to play Test Match cricket. Finally India bundled out an hour before the end of first days play.

Now here is what I question the administrators. The Test squad was announced 3 weeks ago. Half the side is different from the ODI outfit. So what is the problem in sending the Test side two weeks prior the commencement of the series with few additional players to play some practice games? This way the side would have better acclimatized to the conditions. I don’t guarantee they would have batted 2 days, the least they would have put a better show. For all BCCI muscle power sending two different squads at the same time is hardly a deal.

What happened to Yuvraj?
Here is my take on the mystery respiratory syndrome that kept the southpaw out of action. He demonstrated how awful his captaincy is in the IPL. That confirmed the selectors are giving the leadership to anyone but him. From his perspective he must be OK to play under Gambir. Once Gambir pulled out, he wouldn’t want to be lead by the new kid on the block. He also does not carry the required fitness to play a Test match. Thus the mystery respiratory syndrome arrives to rule out Yuvraj for 6 weeks. As you see, a bodily injury or fatigue reasons for resting another player could potentially dent the image of IPL.

The Saga for War Horses
There used to be a time when Rahul Dravid and Laxman played more often for India in color or white clothes in a calendar year. It was much easier for the them to get used to conditions and playing sessions was hardly an issue. Now the poor duo is to be blamed for playing no cricket since the tour of South Africa. This series is a true test for the old war horses. Can they survive sessions?

Bottomline: For once, I wish to go after the administrators instead of the cricketers on the blame game.

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