Friday, June 24, 2011

Will the Legacy continue?

We erected it brick by brick, passed thru the worst of grind, lived the horrible nightmares, pushed us to ultimatum and finally after all the hardships, worships, sorrows, sacrifices The Empire is built. Just as we sit back to celebrate our success the time has arrived to pass over the mantle. We suddenly turn hesitant. There is a doubt, if the legacy is going to the right hands. Does the heir know the value of the possession? Can they take good care of the Crown? Having witnessed some Empires crumbling down, there is barely anyone who can escape this fear. After all, it takes years to construct but moments to destroy.

Wondering why so much of hype? It is not any hype that I’m creating but only sharing with you the philosophy of life that holds good for cricket too.

Though trillions of questions bother our mind, in reality the heirs take the clan to greater height than fall and falter. Teams like Australia have succeeded this challenge and its India's turn now. However, it is tough to answer the question if Dravid can be replaced or Tendulkar can be reincarnated or Laxman can be revived? Those are monstrous feat even their bloodlines find it challenging to match. A Bradman or Richards or Hadlee are handmade creations of God and so their own creations lack the perfection of deity.

Now, can you name a legend whose son turned to be a bigger legend than him? Still picking your head… Trust me; it is very hard to find one.

However if you look at the history, if Gavaskar was the top cricketer of India two decades ago, not sure if anybody would utter the same name ahead of Tendulkar now. If Srikanth was the most fearless opening batsman for India, where is he behind Sehwag now? If Viv Richards was the most attacking batsman, then Brian Lara surely filled his void with élan. So to fill someone’s shoes with a persona of same or better charisma it takes months, years and sometime a lifetime too. But the names stand a testimony of the era. Their accomplishments inspire a new avatar in a different generation.

Your fears are very reasonable but taking over the legacy is entirely different. After all, each time when the team passed thru generations and moved thru hands of Kapil Dev, Azharuddin, Ganguly and Dhoni they only turned bigger and better. There may be champions in the team, but cricket is still a team game. There will be new shoulders to step up; fresh legs to battle and the latest brains to think as India fight the battle of supremacy.

For the better of the future, it will be good India build the new no.3 under the watchful guidance of the old wall, nurture the latest no.5 under the close directions of the very special wrist and the no.4, come on guys there are still some years left for the silver jubilee celebrations.

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