Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Yuvi Clarifies

Yuvi Clarifies
A few days ago we speculated the mystery infection that kept Yuvraj Singh out of action in the post Its not Doomsday. Guess the voice of the common cricket fan is heard and Yuvraj quickly clarified with the following statements.

"I have played under Sourav Ganguly, MS Dhoni, Gautam Gambhir. I have played under so many captains. And Gautam and MS came to the team five years after I got included in the team. There has been no such thing. I play for my country and not for captains. I am 100% fit for the England tour”

Though not a convincing effort, but definitely thank you Yuvraj on responding to the allegations laid on you. We hereby confirm your ticket for the Tour of England.

Explain the word Contrast
While Gayle is not inclined to sign the central contract, Katich is fighting the authorities for expelling him from the same. Now tell me, how better can you explain contrast?

Captain Marvels
Thanks to World Cup. We now witness new captains taking over realms all around the World.
Clarke for Australia, DeVillers for South Africa, Misbah for Pakistan, Dilshan for Sri Lanka, Cook for England and Taylor for New Zealand.

Wonder how many are going to last until the next World Cup?

Revival of Extinct
ICL seek revival after Modi Tweets. Surprised Himanshu Mody did not already know that it is the BCCI who master minded the funeral of the league. Time he realize they are extinct race.

Reversal of Fortune
Much to everyone surprise Kohli appears unsettled while Raina looks lot more authoritative in the ongoing Test Series. Is this what they call Reversal of Fortune?

Do catches win Matches?
Forwarded the question to Sammy. Will let you know soon as he replies.

First Blood
It’s only a matter of time before India draws the first blood. After all, India is all poised to do a 3-0 whitewash. Not sure if any team has done this before to WI.

Cricket Lover

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