Saturday, June 11, 2011

India clinch ODI series

After an exciting day of cricket India finished on the winning side to clinch the ODI series. The shots that fetched the boys millions bucks in IPL almost costed the game today. Once again Rohit saved the day in the company of Harbhajan Singh and Praveen Kumar.

From 92/7, WI going on to finish 225/8 is a classic example of a fighting performance. Full marks to Baugh and Russell for the sensible partnership but the final onslaught by the later stole the show. This 92 at a very crucial juncture should make Russell a permanent fixture in the WI line up. I won't be surprised if he bats ahead of Pollard from here on.

Virat Kohli given out LBW on the ball clearly going above and outside the leg stump is an ample evidence for the need of DRS.

Once again throwing up his wicket after a good start exhibits the poor temperament of Parthiv Patel. No wonder why he remain in the sidelines. I only wish, Dhawan, Patel, Raina and others realized that the million buck shots in IPL is a suicide in international circuit.

About run a ball required in the last 10 overs, Bhajji suddenly went berserk scoring 4,2,4,6 and eventually threw away his wicket of the last ball demonstrated his moment of madness. When 46 required of 54 balls Praveen walked to the crease. When one would expect Praveen to rotate strike to the senior partner Rohit, surprisingly India called for the batting powerplay and this time it was Praveen's turn to go berserk. The second onslaught by Praveen definitely appeared to be a calculated gamble by Raina think tank sure surprised both the opposition and viewers. The gamble really paid off and deserves full appreciation. In the end, India knocked off the runs with few overs to spare.

If WI did it from 92/7, then India made it from 92/6. Once again a brilliant show by Rohit. It is very sad he won't be featuring in the Test side.

Now India winning the series it would be compelling to try Ashwin, Saha, Tiwary and Ishant in the remaining games. Once again Badri, Dhawan and Pathan failure should make it easy for the selectors.

Bottomline: Captain Raina, surely growing leaps and bounds

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