Tuesday, June 28, 2011

One man stands tall amdist the fall out.

It is unbelievable right? Every time there is a crisis he nonchalantly picks up his batting to a different level. A True legend” – Balaji Murali

Wonder who this Balaji is? Never mind, I just hope you don’t wonder who the legend is.

Once again the very special wrists of Laxman bailed out India from 44/4 to a fighting 201 on the first day of the second test match against WI. India paid the price for showing the back on DRS, when Raina was given out for bat pad catch where the ball hardly contacted the bat. In better words, the fringe players like Badrinaths, Rainas, Kohlis turn to be the scapegoat for someone’s arrogance. Anyways, I don't feel sorry for the mishap but compelled to ask the question "When the World go North, why do India go South?"

It was mostly the short pitch saga from West Indies that caused India's debacle and brought the hosts back in the game.  Not sure WI can take advantage of this as Indian bowling quartet appear more potent.

I'm very much surprised to see the amount of No balls delivered by WI. Sadly Dhoni was not the beneficiary when the call for No Ball was referred to the third umpire during his dismissal.

Sri Lanka Vs England
In the other part of the World, England is on revenge spree over Sri Lanka for trouncing them with a spin wicket on the Quarter Finals played between the teams during the World Cup. Did Jayasuriya get the send off he wanted? I hope not after the 110 fallout.

Bottom line: Another test match to finish inside 4 days with the result likely in favor of the No.1 side.

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  1. Batsmen like Lakshman is a big motivation to play cricket because he makes it look so easy. I believe that is why he bats well with the tail enders, he gives the impression that it is not tough to be a batsman.


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