Thursday, June 2, 2011

Moving words from Dhoni after winning the World Cup!!!

Sleepless nights, grey hairs with the same fade of beard. It was a bunch of youngsters given to me along with a God. Everyone mastered their skill but I was alone failing every time. But when Sachin walked back into the pavilion with his face down I was upset. I quickly padded up. The whole team was looking at me and Gary alone backed my decision to move up. I was not even able to run but the only thing that flashed my mind was Sachin's childish face looking at the entire crowd "oh sorry it was my mistake to leave the ground soon" will anyone like god to put his face down in front of his own crowd? Yes I can't allow that happen. I controlled my pain and decided to go.

Finally we had the last laugh with a cry.

I received the above as a forward. I’m forced to believe this as a work of fiction as the words of this magnitude from Dhoni would have made the headlines of the national daily. Truly a moving effort from the author whomsoever it is and deserve a publish at CCL. 

Definitely harsh on BCCI for scheduling IPL immediately after the World Cup and depriving the Indian fan a prolonged celebration of the glory. I'm forced to assume, BCCI did not anticipate India to win the World Cup and so to cheer the fans they scheduled IPL shortly after the global event to pacify the fans for loses. In the end India won the World Cup and IPL turned to be a overkill.

India Tour of WI
It is disappointing the BCCI has pushed the Caribbean counterparts against the use of Umpire Decision Review System (UDRS) for the tour of WI. Usually it is the prerogative of home board, but the super power of BCCI has forced the WI to do away the UDRS.

I do agree that the system has flaws, but it is definitely better to have it considering the no. of false calls taken by the umpire during the game. Can anybody forget the nightmare of Sydney Test? Back then had UDRS been there, the result of that match would have been entirely different. Do BCCI really want a repeat of the Sydney Test to wake up and embrace it?

Sometimes system like this needs encouragement despite the flaws it carries. As the mistakes are identified minds should work to fix the bugs. That will be way forward.

Also it is high time ICC takes control over these matters and enforce boards to follow system rather encourage boards to take a call on the system.

Bottom line: Curious to see if the super power of BCCI could push England or Australia to do away with the UDRS during their tours.

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